MIT 24-Hour Challenge: Support MIT’s Next Generation of Innovators & Entrpreneurs

One Day…to support I&E at MIT

The MIT 24-Hour Challenge is on―and MIT Office of Innovation HQ needs your help meeting our microchallenge goal.

Innovations from MIT address the problems humanity needs to solve most—sustainable energy, fresh water, food for all, cancer, Alzheimer’s to name just a few. By connecting MIT’s next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with seed funding, mentors, collaborators, and networks, MIT Office of Innovation HQ and on Thursday, March 10, you can help translate new science into transformative innovation.

All day, alumni, parents, students, and friends of MIT will be making gifts to help meet our goal. Can we count on you to be one of them?

Give to one or both of our priorities to directly benefit MIT students:

Inclusive Innovation
Your gift supports initiatives that help Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and women innovators and entrepreneurs along their innovation pathways.

Innovation Micro-grants
Your gift provides MIT students up to $2,500 in micro-grants to investigate new and innovative approaches to address “issues” in this ecosystem and to break down barriers to actual world-changing impact.

We know that innovation & entrepreneurship is an important part of your experience, and we are asking for your support today. Every small gift has true impact.  

Thank you!