Student Community

iHQ—by and for students

Yes, iHQ is a spectacular new building with multiple spaces where students can work and meet, but it’s so much more.

Students are critical to iHQ—what it stands for and its impact on the I&E Ecosystem at MIT and beyond. Here are some ways you & your organization can become an active part of iHQ.

Student Venture Studio

SVS is a member space that builds community among the student organizations within MIT’s I&E ecosystem—providing a dedicated area for student innovators to meet, host events, collaborate, model inclusive innovation, solve important problems, and be the unified student voice of MIT’s I&E community.





Student Opportunities at iHQ

Explore the many programs for students offered by the organizations that live here. There’s something for everyone…at every stage!

iHQ Student Leadership Team

This is the team that helps shape the student experience at iHQ…and what it could become!

We seek a team of diverse active and engaged students to help drive the mission of iHQ forward and to help solve the most important problems faced by students in the I&E ecosystem.


I’m excited by innovation spaces! They do good work. Entrepreneurship and technology have been big parts of my life. I hope to help by establishing clear programs so that more MIT students and faculty get involved with this space. Having distinct programs makes it easier to draw people in.

Kanokwan Tungkitkancharoen



The Basics

iHQ is in Bldg. E38
292 Main Street
Floors 3–7

Business Hours:
Mon–Fri 8AM–6PM

Student After-Hours Access: Available with registration.

Enter through MIT Welcome Center main door (normal unlocked hours: 8A–6P), take the stairs or elevator to Floor 3, and use your valid MIT ID to tap in.

The main student workspace is on floor 3: Student Innovators Lounge.