iHQ Summer Session 2023

A 10 week period for student innovation projects and community-building

The student community has spoken: iHQ Summer Session kicks off soon! 


What is iHQ Summer Session?

iHQ Summer Session is a 10-week period offering space & time for you and/or your team to focus on your projects/startups while building community at iHQ.

What will I have access to by participating?

  • 24/7 access to iHQ shared-spaces*
  • Scheduled community lunches
  • Fuzzy matching system to meet other innovators 
  • End-of-Summer Celebration

How do I join Summer Session and get iHQ access? 

All participants (current MIT students, new MIT alumni, and non-MIT teammates) must complete an individual Innovator Profile here. 👉

If I’m already participating in a program this Summer (e.g., UROP, Sandbox, DeltaV, etc.), can I join this too? 

Yes! That is *literally* what iHQ Summer Session is for—a place that supports innovators of all stages and sizes to have a home-base with friendly faces and structure for the Summer. 

* No private or storage space available. Full details to follow.