History of iHQ: The Suffolk Building

A coworking space since its construction

We are very lucky to have documentation and photographs of the building since its construction in 1920.

First, we must acknowledge that the land on which this building sits is the traditional unceded territory of the Wampanoag Nation. We acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced occupation of their territory, and we honor and respect the many diverse indigenous people connected to this land on which we gather from time immemorial.

AdvertisemenT Technique 1923, p. 564
Suffolk Engraving & Electrotyping Co. building, 292 Main Street (1920).

The Suffolk (MIT Press) building is a six-story reinforced concrete industrial building with its first floor about 4’ above sidewalk grade.

It originally featured steel factory sash and an exterior of unpainted concrete. The windows are modern replacements and the concrete has been repaired and painted; its original condition is unknown. The two one story penthouse/skylight structures remain intact but roofed over.

Preservation objectives for the Suffolk building include replication of the original small-light factory sash; restoration of original exterior concrete finish, if practicable; and retention of rooftop structures. If done appropriately, alteration of the ground floor by lowering the first floor slab and eliminating the spandrels between columns would contribute to the widely-held objective of enhancing street life and commercial activity on Main Street.

See a gallery of historic photos here.

Landmark Documentation